I Must Run is the skill-based action running game. Jump over gaps in prison buildings, run through an underground station and test your reflexes in a deadly run over construction yard cranes. Reach the city center and save your wife. Remember, you have only 24 hours. You must run!

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  • Q: Does IMR have an end? A: Yes.
  • Q: What skills do I need to complete IMR? A: Good reflexes help but strong nerves are key to success in IMR.
  • Q: Can you give me any advices how to play IMR? A: First of all: focus! IMR requires hell of concentration. If you can't focus for few minutes, don't play this game. Secondly, a more practical advise: avoid double-jumps. While it looks cool performing double-jumps, you better do those only when absolute necessary to jump further.
  • Q: Why IMR is so difficult? I hate this game. I hate you. A: There are enough easier games out. Don't blame us for lack of your gaming skills.
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Download Wallpaper Pack! Available in resolutions: 1920x1080 1280x1024 1024x764
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